Layla In Bath

Dear Blog,

Yesterday I took Layla for a walk around the City of Bath. We walked across Pulteney Bridge and trekked up an old car park trying to find cool backdrops. Luckily the weather was bright and sunny but windy and cold which made great photographs.

Layla enjoyed the photo shoot as we managed to shop a little on our way around. After the long day of walking we decided to go to the cosy club. That wasn’t the best of my ideas. Saturday night, the whole bar was full and there was no way we were going to even attempt to order a drink.

I hope you enjoy viewing the photographs and have a relaxing sunday!

IMG_0424.jpgIMG_0434.jpgIMG_0441.jpgIMG_0448.jpgIMG_0453.jpgIMG_0457.jpgIMG_0470.jpgIMG_0473.jpgIMG_0477.jpgIMG_0487.jpglayla blowing in the wind_0041.jpgIMG_0497.jpglayla_0042.jpglayla 3_0044.jpgIMG_0503.jpgIMG_0506.jpgIMG_0508.jpgIMG_0511.jpglayla 2_0043.jpgIMG_0523.jpgIMG_0541.jpgIMG_0543.jpgIMG_0548.jpgIMG_0554.jpgIMG_0562.jpgIMG_0573.jpglayla 4_0045.jpgIMG_0592.jpgIMG_0597.jpgIMG_0608.jpgIMG_0617.jpgIMG_0631.jpglayla 5_0046.jpgIMG_0645.jpgIMG_0659.jpgIMG_0662.jpgIMG_0672.jpgIMG_0674.jpgIMG_0684.jpgIMG_0690.jpgIMG_0691.jpglayla 6_0047.jpglayla 7_0048.jpg


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