Speedwell Swimming Pool

Today I got the chance to enter Bristols Speedwell Swimming Pool. The pool has been shut since 2005 and agreement to knock the building down has only recently been decided. Its believed that the property was accommodating a number of ‘squatters’. Its been twelve years since it was last used and it looks shockingly different. […]

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Here are a collection of images taken on my recent family holiday to Palma Spain. during this trip we spent most of our time lounging around the pool and appreciating the beautiful and unique Palma streets. I have recently created a YouTube channel to share videos/short films of interesting trips or just to experiment with […]

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Amsterdam the journey 2017

Dear Blog, This February half term my best friend and I planned a visit to Amsterdam to stay with my sister. I can honestly say I’ve never had as much fun as I did during our stay. Everyone is so lovely and friendly and the city is beautiful. I did photograph our trip but i […]

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Bye Grace :(

Dear Blog, This summer my family and I took a short trip to Dam aka Amsterdam. The purpose of the trip was to drop my sister grace off to her new accommodation for university. We spent the couple of short days exploring some of Dams streets and shopping in ikea…FUN. As this was the last […]

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