Camden With The Huntingtons

Dear Blog,

On the weekend I was fortunately invited to join Katie and her parents on a trip to Camden and Oxford Street. We headed for the motorway on Saturday morning and arrived on Oxford Street at around 2. Katie and I explored the shops and ended up in a cafe within the most ridiculously sized TopShop. We were half way through our food when the fire alarm went off and hundreds of shoppers were asked to leave the store IMMEDIATELY. As you can imagine Katie and I were super scared and our fear grew as shop assistants ran past us with fire extinguishers. As we approached the exit Katie began to ring every family member to inform them that we nearly died! Haha.

On Sunday we all took a short walk to the brilliant Camden Market. A huge variety of goods were for sell, stalls full of smelly incense, beautiful rings and dodgy phone cases. After struggling to locate 3 chairs we sat down and tucked into our amazing jerk chicken wraps. This was truly the best weekend of 2016 so far. Im so thankful to be invited on this trip, and to have spent it with the loveliest of people.  I hope you enjoy the photographs from Camden.



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