Layla 2

Dear Blog,

It has been awhile since I last uploaded on here. I have been struggling to gain motivation of taking photographs, but I am working on it. Some of you may have seen my post back in winter that featured by good friend Layla. It included a display of photographs taken of Layla around The City Of Bath.Well now we’re back, take two.

Layla and I are massive fans of glitter and colour. We wanted to experiment with different eye makeup including glitters and wicked colours. Here are some photos of Layla with her proud makeover.

Enjoy x

IMG_2012.jpgIMG_2027.jpgIMG_2020.jpgIMG_2032.jpgIMG_2033.jpgIMG_2039.jpglayla pose_0060.jpgIMG_2075.jpgIMG_2083.jpgIMG_2099.jpgIMG_2123.jpgIMG_2130.jpgIMG_2134.jpgIMG_2144.jpgIMG_2167.jpgIMG_2177.jpgIMG_2186.JPGIMG_2210.jpg


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