Clevedon Pier

Dear Blog,

Today my parents and I took an early trip to Clevedon Pier. The pier is known for being one of the prettiest in Britain and of course for One Directions music video ‘you and I’. We walked for around 15 minutes until we reached the pier and paid a small fee to enter. Flags hang above the Pier itself and Fishermen sit either side hoping for a lucky catch.

After my mother and i had taken a large amount of images we decided to head to a cafe for a hot drink.

I hope theses images are somewhat interesting and enjoy your sunday evening!

DSCF9590.jpgDSCF9597.jpgDSCF9599.jpgDSCF9600.jpgDSCF9601.jpgdad_0034.jpgDSCF9606.jpgDSCF9607.jpgmum on the beach_0035.jpgDSCF9610.jpgDSCF9612.jpgDSCF9615.jpgDSCF9617.jpgDSCF9620.jpgDSCF9621.jpgDSCF9624.jpgDSCF9626.jpgDSCF9629.jpgDSCF9631.jpgDSCF9633.jpgDSCF9639.jpgDSCF9641.jpgDSCF9645.jpgDSCF9653.jpgDSCF9655.jpgDSCF9656.jpgDSCF9659.jpgDSCF9662.jpgDSCF9663.jpgDSCF9666.jpgDSCF9668.jpgDSCF9672.jpgDSCF9675.jpgDSCF9679.jpgDSCF9680.jpgDSCF9681.jpgDSCF9684.jpgDSCF9685.jpgDSCF9687.jpgDSCF9688.jpgflags_0033.jpgDSCF9699.jpgDSCF9700.jpgDSCF9701.jpgDSCF9704.jpgDSCF9710.jpgDSCF9711.JPGDSCF9713.jpgDSCF9716.jpgDSCF9718.jpgDSCF9719.JPGDSCF9720.jpg


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