Christmas Tree

Dear Blog,

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged but I’m back with a spree of CHRISTMAS! It may be hard to believe but it’s already the 5th of December. I’ve been forever counting down to Christmas as soon as we hit September. Finally I can officially sing Christmas songs and draw Father Christmas’s everywhere without it being odd.

Today my family and I bought our Christmas tree from the local farm. We have spent half the day decorating it and listening to every Christmas song! I borrowed my mother’s camera for these photos which is the ‘Fujifilm x-T1’ if anyone’s interested!

Hopefully you will enjoy looking at these Christmas photographs and have a good weekend! XDSCF9507.jpgDSCF9514.jpgDSCF9517.jpgboy and chistmas tree_0030.jpgDSCF9523.jpgDSCF9526.jpgDSCF9527.jpgDSCF9530.jpgDSCF9531.jpgDSCF9534.jpgDSCF9538.jpgDSCF9543.jpgDSCF9548.jpgflossy and grace_0031.jpgDSCF9560.jpgDSCF9569.jpg


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