Naomi and Ice

dear Blog, On Tuesday 29th of December; Naomi, Eva and I walked around beautiful Bath/ tacky Twerton. I attempted to photograph Eva but she wasn’t too keen however Naomi was very fond of being in front of the lens. I kindly took my coat off and offered it to naomi as it blended well with […]

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Clevedon Pier

Dear Blog, Today my parents and I took an early trip to Clevedon Pier. The pier is known for being one of the prettiest in Britain and of course for One Directions music video ‘you and I’. We walked for around 15 minutes until we reached the pier and paid a small fee to enter. […]

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Christmas Tree

Dear Blog, It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged but I’m back with a spree of CHRISTMAS! It may be hard to believe but it’s already the 5th of December. I’ve been forever counting down to Christmas as soon as we hit September. Finally I can officially sing Christmas songs and draw Father Christmas’s everywhere without […]

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