Field party summer 2015 x

Dear blog,

Thank god summer has finally arrived and whats summer without a catch up with all the people you care about the most. This summer I decided to host a field party with all my closest friends in the field opposite my house. On the day of the party a thew of my girlfriends and I  spent most of our day setting up the tent, bonfire and buying all of the supplies. After much stress people started to arrive and the music started playing.

At around 9 we started the bonfire and grabbed the marshmallows. Throughout the evening I was told that badgers could kill you so when we were all sat around the fire I thought I saw one so everyone screamed and jumped up. It was a co-op bag. After many attempts to tell ghost stories we decided to call it a night and head to the tent. It was a very uncomfortable sleep but I enjoyed the evening and I hope everyone els did.

I spent most of the night enjoying myself so the photos aren’t the best but I would still like to share them with you. So enjoy and have an amazing rest of your summer.

izzy stomped_0008 IMG_9231 IMG_9239 lauren and layla stomped_0009 IMG_9246 IMG_9250 izzy and nina stomped_0010 IMG_9257 IMG_9268 IMG_9265 lauren stomped_0011 IMG_9272 IMG_9274 IMG_9281 izzy nina stomped_0012 IMG_9283 IMG_9286 IMG_9288 izzy stomped_0013 IMG_9298 IMG_9299 IMG_9304 lydia izzy stomped_0014 IMG_9307 IMG_9309 IMG_9315 lydia stomped_0015 IMG_9326 IMG_9330 IMG_9332 IMG_9342 IMG_9344 IMG_9343 IMG_9350 IMG_9351 jed stomped_0016 IMG_9368 IMG_9374 IMG_9376 IMG_9380 IMG_9382 IMG_9383 IMG_9385 ollie stomped_0017 IMG_9390 IMG_9392 IMG_9394 IMG_9397 IMG_9402 IMG_9407 IMG_9409 IMG_9410 IMG_9411 IMG_9414 IMG_9415 IMG_9419 IMG_9420 IMG_9421 IMG_9422 IMG_9423 liv and frank stomped_0018 IMG_9434 IMG_9442 IMG_9443 IMG_9447 IMG_9451 IMG_9454 IMG_9449 IMG_9455 IMG_9459 IMG_9464 IMG_9468 IMG_9469 IMG_9476 IMG_9470 IMG_9478 IMG_9489 girls stomped_0019 IMG_9513 IMG_9518 IMG_9519 IMG_9526 IMG_9530 IMG_9544 IMG_9535 IMG_9546 FIRE_0020


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