Mother Ivey’s Bay 2015

Dear Blog,

Every year my family and me go to Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park in Cornwall. We’ve been going for around 5 years now and for 4 of those years we have stayed in a caravan. Since my sister is much older than she was when we started going she’d rather stay at home. So because of this i bought one of my best friends Naomi along so that I wouldn’t be alone in the caravan with my parents.

My parents, Naomi and i stayed at the holiday park for a week and we were lucky as the weather was mostly sunny all week. We arrived on friday and then my aunties, uncles and 2nd cousins arrived on sunday. Naomi, Rose and i went in the sea everyday and got swiped out by a lot of waves!

We took two trips to Padstow one to shop and the other to get wi-fi! Padstow is a lovely village and tourist attraction its packed with unique shops and henna stalls. On our last day the weather was horrid so dad drove us to Newquay so we could shop and grab some lunch.

Mother Ivey’s Bay will never disappoint me as this year has again been unforgettable just like all the other years. I defiantly recommend staying there whether it’s in a tent or caravan. Hopefully you will enjoy the photos that i have taken over the last week!

enjoy x

_MG_7840 _MG_7849 _MG_7851 _MG_7853 _MG_7854 _MG_7859 _MG_7860 _MG_7861 _MG_7863 _MG_7872 _MG_7873 _MG_7877 _MG_7881 naomi on rock _MG_7891 _MG_7892 _MG_7900 _MG_7901 _MG_7903 _MG_7907 _MG_7908 _MG_7912 _MG_7914 _MG_7920 _MG_7921 _MG_7925 _MG_7932 _MG_7938 _MG_7940 _MG_7941 _MG_7942 _MG_7946 _MG_7952 _MG_7955 _MG_7962 _MG_7971 IMG_7980 _MG_7991 _MG_8000 _MG_8001 _MG_8002 STU _MG_8016 _MG_8023 _MG_8049 _MG_8051 _MG_8059 IMG_8029 IMG_8030 _MG_8073 _MG_8076 _MG_8077 _MG_8081 _MG_8082 _MG_8084 _MG_8085 _MG_8095 _MG_8087 _MG_8091 _MG_8097 _MG_8099 _MG_8103 _MG_8104 _MG_8106 _MG_8107 _MG_8111 _MG_8112 _MG_8118 ME AND NAY _MG_8186 _MG_8188 _MG_8189 _MG_8193 naomi on a cliff _MG_8199 _MG_8205 _MG_8207 _MG_8209 _MG_8211 _MG_8217 _MG_8250 _MG_8251 _MG_8260 _MG_8261 _MG_8265 _MG_8267 _MG_8282 ZIP WIRE IMG_8183 IMG_8216 IMG_8233 IMG_8273 IMG_8318 IMG_8321 IMG_8336 IMG_8349 IMG_8351 IMG_8364 IMG_8376 IMG_8382 IMG_8393 IMG_8395 IMG_8417 IMG_8435 IMG_8437 IMG_8444 IMG_8446 IMG_8460 IMG_8467 IMG_8471 IMG_8475 IMG_8485 IMG_8488 IMG_8486 IMG_8493 IMG_8494 IMG_8495 IMG_8507 IMG_8510 rose hair IMG_8521 IMG_8524 IMG_8530 IMG_8531 IMG_8535 IMG_8544 IMG_8552 IMG_8558 IMG_8560 IMG_8561 IMG_8563 IMG_8567 IMG_8571 IMG_8581 IMG_8587 IMG_8590 IMG_8591 sea shock ANOTHER SEA SHOCK IMG_8611 IMG_8621 IMG_8624 IMG_8628 IMG_8633 IMG_8635 IMG_8641 IMG_8647 IMG_8655 IMG_8657 IMG_8678 IMG_8720 IMG_8721 IMG_8731 IMG_8723 IMG_8734 IMG_8735 IMG_8736 IMG_8738 IMG_8739 IMG_8747 IMG_8756 IMG_8758 IMG_8766 IMG_8768 IMG_8772 IMG_8776 IMG_8779 IMG_8803 IMG_8807 IMG_8808 IMG_8817 IMG_8820 IMG_8816 IMG_8821 IMG_8823 IMG_8831 IMG_8825 IMG_8848


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