Windy day in July x

Dear blog,

This saturday my friends and I took a visit to Heathfest.

Heathfest is a village festival in Downend Bristol that takes place once a year. It includes listening to school choirs and watching dance groups. You can also wonder around the stalls that the festival has. Such as face painting, Henna, food vans and cake stalls. The weather wasn’t superb, it was sunny and windy. We really enjoyed the day and I hope that you enjoy viewing the photos that I managed to capture throughout the day.

enjoy, and have a great week x

_MG_7694 MIRROR _MG_7710 _MG_7712 ME AND LIVS DOG _MG_7719 _MG_7720 _MG_7724 _MG_7727 _MG_7729 IZZY _MG_7741 _MG_7746 _MG_7743 _MG_7748 _MG_7745 _MG_7751 _MG_7753 _MG_7755 _MG_7758 _MG_7759 _MG_7762 _MG_7763 _MG_7764 _MG_7766 _MG_7770 _MG_7771 GIRLS AND FLAGS _MG_7779 _MG_7782 _MG_7784 _MG_7785 MADDIE _MG_7794 _MG_7797 IZZY _MG_7802 _MG_7803 LYDIA _MG_7808 GIRLS PAINT _MG_7811 _MG_7816 _MG_7819 _MG_7821 _MG_7822 _MG_7823 _MG_7825 _MG_7826 _MG_7827 _MG_7828 _MG_7835


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