Last weekend i went camping with my aunty and uncles and cousins. It was super fun and i enjoyed every second of it.

Weather wasn’t brilliant but was still sunny! We took a trip to the beach and had a day of cycling, eating and packing up!

My mother also let me take her Polaroid camera which went down very well with the cousins. Hope you like the shots I’ve taken feel free to drop me a comment!


_MG_7187 _MG_7201 _MG_7207 _MG_7209 _MG_7212 GEORGE G AND CAR _MG_7225 _MG_7219 _MG_7226 _MG_7228 G AND R _MG_7242 _MG_7247 SOPHIA AND GEORGE _MG_7257 _MG_7259 _MG_7266 _MG_7267 _MG_7269 IMG_7282 IMG_7284 IMG_7293 IMG_7296 _MG_7298 _MG_7304 _MG_7307 _MG_7309 _MG_7313 _MG_7324 _MG_7328 _MG_7333 _MG_7336 _MG_7346 _MG_7354 _MG_7360 _MG_7395 _MG_7405 _MG_7410 _MG_7424 _MG_7425 _MG_7427 _MG_7430 _MG_7434 _MG_7437 _MG_7441 _MG_7443 _MG_7444 _MG_7450 _MG_7452 _MG_7455 _MG_7456 _MG_7461 _MG_7464 _MG_7467 _MG_7469 _MG_7470 ADULT _MG_7474 _MG_7478 _MG_7480 KIDS _MG_7487 _MG_7494 _MG_7496 _MG_7503 EMMA _MG_7512 _MG_7520 _MG_7529 _MG_7528 _MG_7531 _MG_7534 _MG_7536 _MG_7537 _MG_7538 _MG_7542 _MG_7547 _MG_7551 _MG_7559 _MG_7566 IMG_7585 _MG_7589 _MG_7594 _MG_7596 _MG_7598 _MG_7623 _MG_7626 _MG_7627 _MG_7634 _MG_7641 _MG_7638 _MG_7651 _MG_7655 _MG_7662 _MG_7664 _MG_7665 _MG_7667 _MG_7669 _MG_7670 _MG_7672 _MG_7676 _MG_7679 _MG_7680 _MG_7683 _MG_7684 _MG_7686 _MG_7688


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