Bude 2015 x

Dear blog,

What a week.

On sunday 50 students including me went on a trip to Bude adventure international. Adventure international provides schools and families with a week of fun activities and entertainment. Some of these activities include surfing, mountain boarding, abseiling, climbing and lots more. The entertainment ranges from crabbing, karaoke, football and talent shows.

For some of my friends it was their first ever experience at the centre in Bude but for me and a handful of others it was our second time. And as the saying goes the 2nd time was most defiantly the best!

When we arrived in Bude we unpacked our bags and located our rooms. Once everyone was unpacked and tidy we went outside to meet our tutors. In my group there was 12 of us and we had the loveliest instructor ever! Her name was Sophie and she was like a big sister to us all. Without Sophie our experience wouldn’t have been as amazing as it was.

Our group also mixed with Cookies group who were also from our school. Cookie was also so amazing and such a laugh to be around. Overall my week was by far the best I’ve ever had. Full of excitement, tears and laughter i wouldn’t do anything to change it.

Thank you to everyone who attended Bude and made it such a wonderful time. I hope you like the photos and feel free to post them and share my blog 🙂

enjoy x

LIV BEOFRE BUDE _MG_5231 _MG_5235 IMG_5245 IMG_5254 IMG_5258 IMG_5260 IMG_5278 IMG_5281 IMG_5283 _MG_5286 IMG_5292 IMG_5304 IMG_5305 IMG_5318 IMG_5320 IMG_5327 IMG_5329 IMG_5330 IMG_5335 IMG_5354 IMG_5360 IMG_5363 IMG_5367 IMG_5368 IMG_5377 IMG_5380 IMG_5390 _MG_5396 _MG_5397 _MG_5398 _MG_5399 _MG_5401 _MG_5405 _MG_5406 NINA RUNNING _MG_5411 _MG_5412 _MG_5415 _MG_5416 _MG_5421 _MG_5422 _MG_5424 _MG_5426 _MG_5427 _MG_5433 _MG_5443 _MG_5444 _MG_5446 _MG_5450 _MG_5451 _MG_5453 _MG_5458 _MG_5461 nina silly _MG_5466 _MG_5470 NINA STEPS _MG_5475 _MG_5476 _MG_5478 _MG_5479 _MG_5481 _MG_5480 _MG_5482 _MG_5485 _MG_5493 _MG_5494 liv on a rockkk _MG_5497 _MG_5498 _MG_5500 _MG_5507 _MG_5511 _MG_5512 _MG_5516 _MG_5520 _MG_5523 _MG_5524 _MG_5526 _MG_5531 _MG_5533 _MG_5536 _MG_5541 _MG_5543 _MG_5544 _MG_5546 _MG_5553 _MG_5554 _MG_5556 _MG_5561 _MG_5563 _MG_5565 _MG_5570 IMG_5568 IMG_5572 IMG_5573 IMG_5576 _MG_5578 _MG_5585 dancing _MG_5604 _MG_5606 _MG_5610 _MG_5613 JESS AND LIV HOLLY AND SAFF KYRA _MG_5618 _MG_5619 _MG_5620 IMG_5623 IMG_5624 IMG_5625 IMG_5626 IMG_5631 IMG_5629 IMG_5634 IMG_5635 _MG_5637 IMG_5638 IMG_5639 IMG_5645 IMG_5647 _MG_5651 IMG_5654 IMG_5658 IMG_5660 IMG_5661 IMG_5662 IMG_5663 _MG_5665 _MG_5666 _MG_5670 IMG_5674 IMG_5675 IMG_5676 IMG_5677 IMG_5680 IMG_5682 IMG_5685 livv and frankk IMG_5688 IMG_5689 IMG_5691 IMG_5693 IMG_5695 izzy and livvvvvvv IMG_5700 IMG_5701 IMG_5702 IMG_5703 me and girlss IMG_5708 IMG_5710 IMG_5723 IMG_5727 _MG_5738 IMG_5747 IMG_5748 IMG_5750 IMG_5752 _MG_5753 boys on stage _MG_5761 _MG_5774 _MG_5785 IMG_5788 IMG_5790 IMG_5798 IMG_5800 IMG_5803 IMG_5804 IMG_5806 IMG_5814 IMG_5822 luke and ella ed IMG_5831 IMG_5833 IMG_5837 _MG_5842 _MG_5844 _MG_5848 _MG_5856 _MG_5859 _MG_5860 _MG_5873 _MG_5876 _MG_5881 _MG_5889 IMG_5906 IMG_5928 _MG_5946 _MG_5948 _MG_5953 _MG_5954 _MG_5960 _MG_5964 _MG_5979 _MG_5983 _MG_5990 _MG_5992 _MG_5996 _MG_6000 _MG_6004 _MG_6014 _MG_6018 _MG_6022 _MG_6038 _MG_6042 _MG_6043 _MG_6052 _MG_6063 _MG_6067 _MG_6084 IMG_6087 alice and liv _MG_6090 _MG_6091 _MG_6092 IZZY AND MADDIE _MG_6099 _MG_6101 ALICE AND NINAA _MG_6108 IMG_6109 IMG_6111 IMG_6116 IMG_6122 IMG_6124 FANCY DRESS OUTFITS IMG_6137 IMG_6142 IMG_6147 IMG_6151 IMG_6152 IMG_6153 IMG_6154 IMG_6159 IMG_6177 IMG_6179 IMG_6181 IMG_6189 IMG_6193 IMG_6239 _MG_6247 _MG_6250 _MG_6253 _MG_6254 _MG_6255 _MG_6260 _MG_6262 _MG_6263 _MG_6269 _MG_6274 _MG_6277 _MG_6288 _MG_6289 _MG_6296 _MG_6305 _MG_6306 _MG_6308 _MG_6309 _MG_6311 _MG_6316 _MG_6318 _MG_6326 _MG_6332 _MG_6335 _MG_6338 _MG_6346 _MG_6355 _MG_6357 _MG_6361 _MG_6372 _MG_6373 _MG_6375 _MG_6383 _MG_6384 _MG_6387 _MG_6407 _MG_6413 _MG_6442 _MG_6447 _MG_6453 _MG_6470 _MG_6475 _MG_6491 _MG_6505 _MG_6510 alice and olivia _MG_6514 _MG_6520 _MG_6523 _MG_6532 _MG_6557 _MG_6559 _MG_6565 _MG_6576 _MG_6586 _MG_6588 _MG_6591 _MG_6598 _MG_6601 _MG_6596 _MG_6610 _MG_6611 _MG_6614 _MG_6615 _MG_6616 _MG_6618 _MG_6638 _MG_6640 _MG_6641 _MG_6642 _MG_6648 _MG_6653 _MG_6658 _MG_6662 _MG_6663 _MG_6668 _MG_6679 _MG_6684 _MG_6685 _MG_6690 _MG_6691 _MG_6701 _MG_6714 _MG_6717 _MG_6718 _MG_6722 _MG_6726 IMG_6727 IMG_6732 _MG_6744 _MG_6796 _MG_6797 _MG_6798 _MG_6803 _MG_6810 _MG_6813 _MG_6818 _MG_6820 _MG_6823 _MG_6829 _MG_6835 _MG_6838 _MG_6840 _MG_6844 _MG_6847 _MG_6849 IMG_6853 IMG_6857 IMG_6859 IMG_6861 IMG_6869 IMG_6870 IMG_6872 IMG_6874 IMG_6876 IMG_6880 IMG_6888 IMG_6890 olivia and mace IMG_6895 IMG_6901 IMG_6904 IMG_6911 IMG_6912 IMG_6920 IMG_6925 IMG_6927 IMG_6929 IMG_6937 IMG_6946 IMG_6970 _MG_6980 _MG_6987 _MG_7004 _MG_7005 _MG_7007 IMG_7010 IMG_7015 IMG_7022 IMG_7023 IMG_7031 IMG_7038 IMG_7039 IMG_7041 IMG_7044 IMG_7047 IMG_7054 IMG_7057 IMG_7058 IMG_7063 IMG_7065 IMG_7067 IMG_7082 IMG_7094 _MG_7103 IMG_7105 IMG_7108 IMG_7133 IMG_7136 IMG_7139 _MG_7156 _MG_7161 _MG_7169


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