Weston Super-mare x

Dear Blog,

What a great day!

Today started with a nine o’clock alarm ringing in my ear. It wasn’t my happiest moment; however it was worth it. I met my lovely friend Nina at the train station at ten and we headed off to Bristol Temple Meads.

When we arrived I was craving a Starbucks Caramel frappuccino (best drink in the world) so as soon as we saw a Starbucks my craving had been cured. Nina and myself then met up with some of our friends and got the train to windy Weston Super-mare.

As soon as we departed the train the 3 musketeers were waiting for our presence (Harry, Joe and Jacob). Then we all headed to the famous pier for some fun.

Of course I bought my camera but I  thought I could mix it up a bit. By this I mean take a different lens. The specialty of this lens is to blur the background of a photo but keep the person/object in focus. If anyones interested it’s a Canon 50 mm 1:1.4 its a great lens but not very good for anything other than faces and objects.

Hopefully you will like the photos! have a fantastic week x

_MG_4797 _MG_4809 _MG_4810 _MG_4812 _MG_4815 _MG_4821 _MG_4823 _MG_4825 _MG_4826 _MG_4829 _MG_4831 _MG_4832 _MG_4833 _MG_4834 _MG_4835 _MG_4836 _MG_4838 _MG_4842 _MG_4843 _MG_4848 _MG_4849 _MG_4852 _MG_4854 _MG_4862 _MG_4863 _MG_4871 _MG_4872 lydia walking _MG_4877 _MG_4878 _MG_4884 harry and liv c _MG_4897 _MG_4900 _MG_4903 _MG_4904 _MG_4908 _MG_4911 _MG_4912 lydia laughing _MG_4918 _MG_4921 IMG_4923 mad and lyd c _MG_4931 _MG_4932 _MG_4933 layla cropped IMG_4943 _MG_4951 _MG_4953 _MG_4956 _MG_4959 _MG_4961 _MG_4963 _MG_4965 _MG_4972 _MG_4973 _MG_4976 _MG_4977 _MG_4979 nina and mad c _MG_4986 _MG_4990 _MG_4999 _MG_5003 _MG_5005 _MG_5009 _MG_5018 IMG_5033 IMG_5029 IMG_5037 IMG_5038 go karting cropped _MG_5055 _MG_5073 _MG_5076 IMG_5096 IMG_5097 IMG_5131 IMG_5132 IMG_5136 IMG_5146 IMG_5148 IMG_5154 IMG_5169 IMG_5171 IMG_5174 IMG_5176 _MG_5178 _MG_5182 _MG_5183 _MG_5184 _MG_5189 _MG_5190 nina cropped _MG_5198 _MG_5205 _MG_5208 _MG_5213 _MG_5216 _MG_5218 _MG_5221 _MG_5222 _MG_5227


2 thoughts on “Weston Super-mare x

  1. Alice, this is amazing, your are amazingly talented in taking photos !! I hope that in the future you use this skill, because all these photos are absoultely stunning !! xxx


    1. OMG thank you so much Phoebe, such kind words. Im glad you like the photos i take as i enjoy taking them so much! hopefully one day i will be a photographer that would be a dream!! thanks again xxx


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