Weston Super-mare x

Dear Blog, What a great day! Today started with a nine o’clock alarm ringing in my ear. It wasn’t my happiest moment; however it was worth it. I met my lovely friend Nina at the train station at ten and we headed off to Bristol Temple Meads. When we arrived I was craving a Starbucks […]

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Camping In Seaton x

Dear Blog, On saturday I headed off camping with some of my family. We spent 3 days exploring Devon and Dorset. We also visited a couple of beaches such as Lyme Regis and Seaton. My cousin and I both bought our cameras with us to capture some unforgettable moments and sea views. Before heading home […]

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Typical Fun Spring Day x

Dear Blog, This weekend was definitely one of the best weekends I’ve experienced. It was full of laughter, enjoyment and village fairs. After the very springy saturday had ended i had 5 of my closest friends round to sleep. We unfountuantly experienced bulls chasing us and it wasn’t very satisfying. However that will now become […]

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Catch up x

Dear Blog, On Friday I had no school and chose to spend the day with some old friends and my close friend. We went to sundaes Gelato and chilled by the harbour. As well as capturing some rather posed and cheesy shots I also tried to capture the natural angle. We then explored some cool vintage shops! As usual […]

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